Come to the Exhibition!


Mark your calendar from four o’clock until six o’clock on Friday, May 3 for the grand finale of the Bureau of Manufactured History’s tenure in Indianapolis. This event may or may not include a mechanical device that plots the course of the sun over a matchstick model of Monument Circle. It’s possible there will be a cupboard that contains the soul of Indianapolis and you may spend one minute in the cupboard and ask the soul one question. This exhibit might feature a big mirror and an underlying, gently swelling sense of disappointment, or perhaps a series of photographs of Indianapolis’s competing cities and you will be encouraged to berate these photographs through primal screaming. Bureau members Oliver Blank and James A. Reeves will be on the premises, although they may not be coherent. This much is certain: the exhibition will occur from four o’clock until six o’clock at 531 Virginia Avenue.